Moola Road, Ashgrove

Ashgrove – Extension & Full Internal Renovation

For their fourth project with Mamet Homes, the owners of this Ashgrove property asked the team to help them double their home’s size and reimagine the interior.

This project was a great example of the importance of the Mamet Homes process – especially our commitment to full due diligence before breaking ground. That’s because it was during this process that the team discovered extensive termite damage. 

This crucial information allowed our builders to plan for the necessary repairs to mitigate the damage these pests had caused, and take measures to prevent this problem from reoccurring. But looking at the finished home, you’d never imagine this was how the project began!

The Goal

The property owners wanted to add a number of rooms to their home, while also redoing the interior to ensure a seamless transition from older parts of the home to the extension. As part of the internal renovation, they also wanted to add modern conveniences and stunning features that would create the “feel” they were looking for. 

The family chose to work with Mamet Homes for this project (their fourth project with us!) because they knew they’d get value for money and could rely on seeing the results they’d been promised. Another key reason for their decision was that their past experiences had taught them they could rely on the Mamet Homes team to be clean, respectful, and courteous at all times onsite. 

Challenges & Solutions

In addition to addressing the fallout from termite damage, another big challenge Mamet Homes immediately faced was the problems caused by several sunken walls. These sunken walls meant the Ashgrove house was no longer level and some of the walls weren’t perfectly square and plumb with the other walls, floor, and ceiling. Mamet Homes levelled out the floors and counter battened the internal walls in wet areas to ensure the bathroom tiling would be perfectly straight, not wonky.

A more welcome challenge was the task of creating the recycled brick feature wall in the kitchen area, along with a unique industrial light to finish the aesthetic. This beautiful wall was built using recycled bricks from a Brunswick warehouse demolition. This created a stunning feature and was a great way to save perfectly good materials from landfill and pay a lower price than new materials would have commanded. Adrien built the industrial light in-house, creating a fully unique and custom feature for the home.

The Outcome

When you’re ushered in to this beautiful Ashgrove home, there’s not a whisper of evidence to indicate the challenges associated with termite damage or sunken walls that Mamet Homes overcame. As you appreciate the sumptuous renovated bathrooms with perfectly flush tiling, you’d never believe the walls had to be straightened or fixed in any way. This is another testament to the importance of our processes and the time we invest in initial planning for every renovation and build. 

As was intended from the beginning, one element of the home that cannot fail to catch your eye is the brick feature wall and bespoke industrial light in the kitchen. It’s a feature that sets the tone for the entire build – beautiful, luxe yet practical, and welcoming.

Do you want to build your home at a fixed price, with no surprises, using a highly experienced team?