Old Queenslander Renovations

Old Queenslander Renovations

Restoring your Old Queenslander to its former glory – and renovating it to add the modern conveniences your family needs – is a specialised task. 

That’s why at Mamet Homes we have a team of highly-skilled carpenters with a passion for restoring and modernising these beautiful, timber homes.

When you entrust us with your Old Queenslander renovation, you can be confident your home is in the hands of professionals who understand it inside out. 

Our carpenters are familiar with Old Queenslander construction (including common shortcuts used by the original carpenters) and know how to extend or renovate your home and bring it up to code without expensive variations – all while maintaining the beautiful Queenslander “spirit” for you to enjoy.

Why renovate with Mamet Homes?

Work with highly-skilled carpenters

Our qualified, highly-skilled carpenters love working on Old Queenslanders and regularly upskill through industry-leading courses, so you can be sure your home’s in safe hands.

Eliminate nasty surprises

We take the time to develop a thorough, fixed-price quote and timeline for your Queenslander renovation, so you can be confident your project will be on-time and on-budget.

Renovate with integrity

Our experienced team will help you incorporate all the modern conveniences you need, while maintaining your home’s iconic aesthetic and bringing the existing structure up to code (if required).

Take control of your project

With daily updates (including photos) via your own personally-dedicated app, you’ll not only follow the progress on your home, you’ll be placed firmly in the driver’s seat of your project.

Collaborate directly with the builder

You don’t want to be held at arm’s length by a project manager. Instead, Adrien Mamet will communicate directly with you and guide you through every step of the renovation process.

Expect quality workmanship

As one of the select few clients we work with each year, you can be sure we’ll dedicate the necessary time to leave you with a home that exudes quality workmanship in every detail.

Old Queenslanders are hardwood timber homes, and hardwood homes require an expert touch. 

Most carpenters only have experience with new homes and pine frames. Queenslanders, however, feature hardwood frames and mortice and tendon joints. Working with these features requires specialised skills, so it’s important to find carpenters with the necessary experience to work with these iconic homes.

Old Queenslander homes were often built by skilled carpenters with a real talent for working with wood and creating the signature aesthetic that makes Queenslanders such beloved homes. However, just because the original carpenters were skilled, doesn’t mean they didn’t take shortcuts. And of course, not everything built back then conforms to current building codes. 

So, while you’ll find evidence of lots of quality work on your Old Queenslander, it’s also important to understand that there may be problems that need to be resolved or other aspects that need to be brought up to code. 

Thankfully, our experienced team of carpenters knows exactly what to look for when renovating your Old Queenslander, so we can help you rectify any problems…

Unlike most building companies, we don’t get our builders to throw together quotes after working 10-hour days. Instead, your quote is compiled by a professional estimator and quantity surveyor. That way, we can ensure every variable is accounted for, every selection is included, and every budget blowout risk has been mitigated before we present you with a fixed-price quote. This includes leveraging our experience with renovating Old Queenslanders to confirm before your renovation whether we need to address any common Queenslander challenges. 

We reject the industry practice of quoting low and profiting from variations. The prices on our quotes may appear higher than quotes from other builders. However, with our quotes, what you see is precisely what you’ll get – you won’t be on the hook for any expensive variations down the road. 

Our fixed-price quotes are fair, reasonable, and realistic. Everything is documented, detailed, and agreed upon, so you can be confident there will be no nasty surprises during construction. Once you agree to the quote, we provide you with a fixed-price contract.

In addition to taking the time to compile an accurate quote, we speak to all our suppliers and subcontractors to understand their lead times and deliverables before we begin work on your home. This allows us to confidently and accurately schedule your Old Queenslander renovation and offer you a reliable timeline. And because our all-inclusive quote protects you from expensive variations, you don’t need to worry about any variation “spanners” in your timeline “works”.

Your personally-dedicated app (and online portal) lets you follow the progress on your home renovation with a daily log that includes photos, continually updated scheduling, links to all the trades working on your home, a record of your financials, and details of all your selections. 

This personalised app allows us to effectively communicate with you every day and puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your renovation project.

Led by our head builder, Adrien Mamet, your home will be built by our core team of carpenters and apprentices. Work that needs to be done by other trades will be subcontracted to our fully-vetted and trusted contractors, all of whom meet our strict standards for experience, qualifications, reliability, and commitment to delivering high quality finishes on all our projects. 

We oversee all the work on your home to ensure it meets our standards for quality. 

Our clients regularly comment on the high calibre of the trades we work with, and always share how impressed they are by our own crew. They particularly appreciate our commitment to keeping your site clean and tidy from start to finish.

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