Design & Build With Confidence

Design & Build

By choosing a builder who collaborates directly with you and your architect, you can ensure your dream home is designed to meet your requirements AND budget.

At Mamet Homes, we help you design and build your ideal home by taking the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your dreams, goals, needs, and budget. 

Then, we match you with the right designer or architect, and work in unison with them and with you to design your home in the most cost-effective way possible. 

This collaborative design and build process leaves you in control, while also offering the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll have a home design you can build without breaking the bank.

Why design & build with Mamet Homes?

Be understood & supported

Working with you and your architect, we know the right questions to ask to ensure you get building plans that match your needs and dreams, and that you can actually afford to build.

Make informed choices

To ensure your designs fit your budget, we’ll recommend any necessary variations to your original ideas. There are many options to work with, and we’re happy to walk you through them all.

Stay in the driver’s seat

After your design is completed, we leave you firmly in the driver’s seat for your project with daily updates, photos, and messages throughout your build via your personalised Mamet Homes app.

Experience certainty

With a fixed-price building contract and a guaranteed timeline from ground-breaking to handover, you can rely on a no-surprises build that lets you confidently plan for the future.

Guarantee quality outcomes

With our highly-skilled, experienced Brisbane builders, hand-picked designers, and fully-vetted contractors, you can be confident your new home will exude quality workmanship in every detail.

Enjoy ongoing peace of mind

With a full 10-Year Structural Warranty that exceeds industry standards, plus a 1-Year Maintenance Period, we back the quality of your home so you enjoy greater peace of mind.

One problem many people run into is the fact that building plans are rarely designed to suit your budget. Instead, most architects and designers simply give you exactly what you ask for, without checking you’ll be able to afford to build it later on. 

By choosing to design and build as a collaborative process, you can be confident you’ll be able to build your home based on the plans you receive, without blowing your budget or being forced to omit your favourite finishes to keep costs in check. That’s because the Mamet Homes team will take the time to put together comprehensive costings for your build that will inform the design process and allow you to make informed decisions with our guidance about any necessary design or materials variations to meet your budget, before your plans are finalised.

Unlike most building companies, we don’t get our builders to throw together quotes after working 10-hour days. Instead, your quote is compiled by a professional estimator and quantity surveyor. That way, we can ensure every variable is accounted for, every selection is included, and every budget blowout risk has been mitigated before we present you with a fixed-price quote. (You can read about our process in detail here)

We reject the industry practice of quoting low and profiting from variations. The prices on our quotes may appear higher than quotes from other builders. However, with our quotes, what you see is precisely what you’ll get – you won’t be on the hook for any expensive variations down the road. 

Our fixed-price quotes are fair, reasonable, and realistic. Everything is documented, detailed, and agreed upon, so you can be confident there will be no nasty surprises during construction. Once you agree to the quote, we provide you with a fixed-price contract.

In addition to taking the time to compile an accurate quote, we speak to all our suppliers and subcontractors to understand their lead times and deliverables before we begin work on your home. This allows us to confidently and accurately schedule your project and offer you a reliable timeline. And because our all-inclusive quote protects you from expensive variations, you don’t need to worry about any variation “spanners” in your timeline “works”.

Your personally-dedicated app (and online portal) lets you follow the progress on your home with a daily log that includes photos, continually updated scheduling, links to all the trades working on your home, a record of your financials, and details of all your selections. 

This personalised app allows us to effectively communicate with you every day and puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your project. 

Led by our head builder, Adrien Mamet, your home will be built by our core Brisbane-based team of carpenters and apprentices. Work that needs to be done by other trades will be subcontracted to our fully-vetted and trusted contractors, all of whom meet our strict standards for experience, qualifications, reliability, and commitment to delivering high quality finishes on all our projects. 

We oversee all the work on your home to ensure it meets our standards for quality. 

Our clients regularly comment on the high calibre of the trades we work with, and always share how impressed they are by our own crew. They particularly appreciate our commitment to keeping your site clean and tidy from start to finish.

The 14 Steps to Avoid Project Budget Blowout

This FREE document takes you through the step-by-step process of successfully building your dream home, while avoiding the costly pitfalls many others have fallen into.