Our Process

We do things differently

We understand that when it comes to building, renovating, or extending your home, you don’t want any surprises. So, we do things a little differently. 

Rather than offering estimates and price ranges at quote time, then charging you extra for variations, we take the time required to compile a comprehensive Bill of Quantities for your custom home or renovation.

We’re also committed to helping you finesse the building proposal until it meets your budget. 

This gives you the peace of mind that comes with a fixed-price contract, but with all the typical benefits of a custom building experience. 

And that’s not the only part of our process you’ll appreciate…


Project Inquiry

After you get in touch, you’ll sign our “Preliminary Agreement”. This is a basic contract from Master Builders that allows us to assist you in completing your Bill of Quantities and adjusting the figures to suit your budget. The “Preliminary Agreement” is NOT a contract to build your project.


Quantity Surveyor

Next, your project will be handed to our Quantity Surveyor, who’ll begin preparing your Bill of Quantities. We’ll let you know when he’s begun working his magic, so you remain informed throughout. We’re also here to answer any questions you may have, every step of the way. 



During that time, you’ll receive your Selections Guide, which covers ALL the selections for your project. By carefully completing this guide, you’ll help us create a fixed-price contract with zero variations. If you’d prefer, our Interior Designer can meet with you for a modest fee to help with this step.


Site Visit

Mamet Homes will conduct a preliminary site visit to take photos and levels, and identify any logistical issues that may influence the delivery of your project. This information helps us formulate a complete picture of your requirements, and a more accurate proposal, so we can give you a price you can rely on.


Second Site Visit

If our Quantity Surveyor has any additional requests for information, we’ll visit your site a second time to get the answers. This step is often unnecessary, but when required, it’s vital to helping us complete your fixed-price proposal and contract.


Trade Pricing

Once we have all this information, we’ll send it to our trusted suppliers and subcontractors for accurate quotes based on accurate quantities. Waiting for quotes until this stage helps prevent the kinds of mistakes and omissions that can become budget-blowout variations during construction.



The next step is scheduling. Scheduling is integral to understanding the implications of delivering your project. Our suppliers and subcontractors will inform us of their lead times and deliverables, allowing us to confidently and accurately schedule your project and offer you a reliable timeline.


First Proposal

When everything is ready, we’ll compile ALL this information to deliver your first proposal. Although it’s extremely accurate, the first proposal is still just a benchmark. If it meets with your approval, we can move straight to Step 11 (contracts). However, if it falls outside your budget, we’re happy to rework it for you.



If the initial proposal didn’t meet your budget, don’t worry. Building plans are rarely designed to budget, so this is very normal. Together, we’ll consider how we can vary your project to meet your needs, for example, but staging  the build or substituting one material for another. There are many variations we can work with, and we’re happy to walk you through them all.



Once we’ve worked through all the variables with you, we’ll resubmit a reworked version of your project proposal for your evaluation. Remember, Mamet Homes will always work with you to ensure we’re able to get your project into budget, without compromising on quality.



When you’re happy with your proposal and ready to go ahead, we’ll prepare a fixed-price contract for you. We use a Master Builders contract written in plain English (no “legalese”) so it’s easy to read and understand. We’ll also go through the contract with you and answer any questions you have.


Online Project Portal & App

After you sign your fixed-price contract, we’ll create your personalised app and upload your plans, engineering, selections, and schedule into the online portal. That way, you’ll have every detail about your build ready and waiting at your fingertips from day one. 


Construction Begins

This is the most exciting stage! Throughout construction, you’ll be able to stay informed and updated every step of the way, with photos and more on your personalised app and online portal. You’ll also see your project take shape through scheduled site visits.



Before handover, we’ll carry out a detailed inspection of the completed works and rectify any defects. Then we’ll undertake a second walkthrough with you to inspect any additional works prior to handover. You’ll receive the keys to your new home along with a welcome pack detailing how to maintain your home moving forward.


Maintenance Period

Our support doesn’t end when construction is completed. Instead, we’ll schedule a complimentary 6-month and 12-month “home health check” to ensure any maintenance issues are immediately resolved. We’ll also address any urgent concerns you encounter during the first year, so you can be confident your home is built to thrive through all four seasons!

The 14 Steps to Avoid Project Budget Blowout

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