Giving Back

How we give back

We’re passionate about giving back by donating our time and resources to work on construction projects that help those who need it most. 

In 2015, Adrien travelled to North Efate in Vanuatu, which had been decimated by Cyclone Pam. The biggest priority for the community’s rebuilding efforts was the Le Life Resort, as it employed the entire village and provided parents with the funds to send their kids to school.

After three weeks teaching the villagers how to rebuild the resort, it was incredibly rewarding to see the tourists return and the kids return to school to continue their education. 

This experience showed us the power of social investment. That’s why Mamet Homes has chosen to continue investing our time to make a difference in the community.

Our community projects

Thanks to the amazing support of our clients, since 2015 we’ve been able to donated over $100,000 of goods and services for the following projects:

  • Le Life Resort – North Efate, Vanuatu
  • Nundah Cottages – Nundah, Queensland
  • Orange Sky Laundry – Albion, Queensland
  • Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association – Albion, Queensland

“Giving back feeds the heart and soul of our business, as we see our work make a real difference in the community and help those in need.”

Adrien Mamet

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